Wowpeople is the login portal for the Woolworths employees whiich consists of corporate can only  be accessed by employees working at Woolworths. There is some basic authentication required to log in to this website. The log in for this session is valid for 30 minutes or until the employee signs out of the portal. If the log in has been inactive for more than 30 minutes the system automatically logs off the user Id.

Wowpeople User Activation 

  • For the first time the user ID should be activated at the wowpeople portal.
  • Open the link at
  • Click on the Activate Google + now button
  • Then click on Activate Google + button
  • Read the terms and conditions and privacy page and click continue
  • You will get a form where you will have to fill in some of your personal information
  • Fill in your name and payroll number
  • The payroll number should be similar to the number on your slip
  • This will also be available in your welcome letter if you have not received your first pay slip yet
  • Read the terms and conditions of using Google+
  • Then click on Activate Google+
  • Go to Google and complete the account registration process.
Forgot Wowpeople User ID and Password
For those using @stores ID without Woolsworth account and an e-mail id attached to it should make use of the information available in the quick reference guide card to gain access to their user id and
password in cases where they land up forgetting it.Details Available in the Dashboard
There are many things that you can do using the employee log in during the validity period of the
employee’s team member life cycle. There are different topics of interest to the employees that needs
to be addressed. Those topics are listed as different elements under the menu. When the specific topic
is clicked it leads to an information page that will provide with the related essential information specific to the topic. You can log in from your phone or tablet and you can make use of the hamburger icon which will be found on the top right hand side of the page to find the menu.

The values of the company, the leadership profile, the code of conduct and details about the health and well-being programs are all clearly explained in the dash board. Under the health and well-being section are the most accessed details like:
  • Onboarding
  • Career and recruitment
  • Pay and the basics
  • Benefits
Those who are having trouble with activating, not able to access the account despite the activation or
any other concerns related to log in are addressed in the FAQ section. The Dos and Don’ts with the log in are also clearly explained there. A detailed easy to use help guide is made available for every detail you might probably need to access Google+. Once you get a hang of it, everything is going to be as simple and easy.